How to Use Your Own CrankaTsuris

This book is not just for kids.  As the narrator says "Even Mommy and Daddy can be a CrankaTsuris and KvetchaTsuris sometimes!"  So, it is important for us to acknowledge our own "CrankaTsuris."


Imagine if a family member is standing on a very expensive rug, This close family member informs you that he or she is feeling really ill, and is about to throw up!  The normal response is "Not on the rug!!....Go to the bathroom!!!"  And the poor sickly member of the family rushes to the bathroom.


But, our family members are much more important than the very expensive rug.  Yet, we typically do not hesitate to pour out our CrankaTsuris all over our spouses, our kids, our parents, and our brothers and sisters.  Then, there can be a CrankaTsuris retaliation.  When it is all over, just like the rug, it can be very difficult to clean up a CrankaTsuris.


So, we try to feel it coming.  We feel it inside.  It starts in the pit of our stomach, and it moves up to our throat.  Instead of just letting it all out, stop for a couple of seconds and breath.  Warn the person you love so much that you have a "CrankaTsuris" inside and it may be coming.  Say why you are feeling this"CrankaTsuris" inside you, and say what you may need to make it not so messy.  


And if you could not help yourself, and you did pour out a "CrankaTsuris" all over your loved one, when you calm down, apologize and say you had a little "CrankaTsuris."  


So, invite the TyrantoCrankaTsuris and the TyrantoKvetchaTsuris into your home, and have fun with what is really our true nature!!